Yellow Bell Pepper
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Yellow Bell Pepper


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These peppers fall in between green and red bell peppers on the “ripeness” spectrum. They contain the same types of nutrients (potassium, important for regulating blood pressure, promoting muscle contraction and regular heartbeats - vitamin C, helps assist in tissue growth and repair, aids in the prevention of cancer, guards against infection and strengthens immunity - vitamin A, supports the immune system, enhances lung function and can improve eyesight) as green and red peppers but in different quantities. Yellow peppers have larger amounts of that which is found in green peppers because they are more mature, however they have less than red peppers since red peppers are fully ripened.

The yellow bell pepper goes perfectly with the tomato, in fish, in the preparation of oriental sauces It can be stuffed and of course the grilled. Unlike other peppers (green and red,) the yellow pepper has a thinner skin and is less sweet. The taste is perfect for composing sweet and sour flavours.

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