Fresh Piedmont Chestnut
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Fresh Piedmont Chestnut "Marroni"


What is more wintery than chestnuts? Whether you are roasting them on an open fire, on your stovetop, or in your oven they will help you catch the seasonal spirit. And fresh chestnuts are worth the extra effort.

Chestnuts are revered in Europe and particularly in the Mediterranean cultures. In Italy, where the growing climate is perfect for chestnuts, everybody eats chestnuts in many variations. They can be candied or ground into a flour, and they are often puréed and sweetened to make desserts. Roasting chestnuts produces a delicate and slightly sweet flavor while softening the texture to potato-like consistency.

Chestnuts are a unique fruit of the Castanea species of deciduous trees. This fruit is most common in Asia though it has also been linked to the traditional Italian cuisine for centuries. Chestnuts are appreciated for their characteristic taste and for the ductility with which they can be consumed: boiled, roasted, and dried, or in the form of jam or flour. They are also excellent sources of vitamins and minerals (such as manganese, molybdenum, cooper and magnesium).

Piedimont chestnuts are used above all in the creation of desserts, such as castagnaccio, cakes made with chestnut flour and then for the legendary and delicious marron glacés. But they are also widely used for the preparation of "savory" dishes.

CHESTNUTS and CHEESE. Cheeses and chestnuts are a perfect combination, for example the combination of ricotta and chestnuts or the potato and chestnut gnocchi dish served with a warm fondue is highly recommended

CHESTNUTS and SALAMI. Very famous as an appetizer, the chestnut rolled up with a slice of lard, to make it even more appetizing you can stuff this little roll with honey! Another famous appetizer are the chestnut and Coppa di Parman. Chestnuts and cured meats are excellent cooking companions!

CHESTNUTS and WINE. The wine goes very well with roasted chestnuts, a typical autumn combination, not to be missed in these months! A wine that certainly goes very well is the Dolcetto d’Alba DOC

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