Babas di Sorrento in Limoncello liquor 700g Piemme

Babas di Sorrento in Limoncello liquor 700g Piemme


1 pcs

Limoncello Babà with Limoncello. Soft masterpieces of refined artisan pastry, the pride of PIEMME's internal laboratory, based on natural ingredients of the highest quality, combined with the famous Limoncello in an irresistible union of sweetness and fragrance.

Limoncello Babà covered with lemon sauce
Ingredients for limoncello cream:

250 g of sugar
170 g flour 00
6 egg yolks
1 liter of milk
50 g of limoncello
50 g of whipped cream
50 g of mascarpone
For the icing add:
100 g liquid cream
50 g limonello

Fill the babà with a limoncello cream pastry bag and cover it with lemon icing.

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