Sicilian Cherry Tomato Extra Quality
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Sicilian Cherry Tomato Extra Quality


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Fresh pomodorini directly from Italy. Small, bursting with flavour cherry tomatoes ideal to eat with pasta in a fresh homemade sauce or as a 'Caprese' salad; on top of buffalo mozzarella. The cherry tomato is also consumed as a fruit because its flesh is very sweet.

These can be used in appetizers or more frequently in salads, whole or cut in half. Given its particularly delicate flavor it can also be used in sauces for dry pasta and also steamed rice. To accompany pasta, the sauce can be made even more pleasing by making a dressing with the raw cherry tomatoes (some cut, some whole), combined with some olives, capers and just a little Olive oil. These little gems are also commonly used as toppings on pizzas.

These can also be used to decorate many variety of dishes due to their shape, size and bright colouring. A perfect way to brighten up any dish.

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