Marinda Tomato
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Marinda Tomato


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Marinda tomatoes are grown in Sicily, around the renowned Pachino area, during the winter months and are harvested between February and May. For this reason they are known as winter tomatoes. The salty soil and water in this area give this variety of tomato a flavour rarely matched by other varieties.

It has a crunchy, fairly thick, heavily ridged skin and a firm pulp, slightly tart and incredibly full flavoured, almost salty. As opposed to summer tomatoes, which can be used both for salads and for sauces, this tomato is at its best when still shot with green (the perfect Marinda has a dark green 'shoulder') and is mainly used for salads or to be eaten raw.

Due to the crunchy texture it is a good idea to slice thinly when preparing it for salads.

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