Organic Cinta Senese Ham with bone
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Organic Cinta Senese Ham with bone


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Podere Bioamiata is the widest biological breeding of "Cinta Senese" in Italy and it extends on 240 ht of woods and pastures between Val d'Orcia and Monte Amiata, above 700m of altitude. Our main care embrace the revaluation and the protection of this specie, even with the continuos scientific advistance of City Universities like Firenze and Perugia. However, our main support for the whole productive cycle is nature, the only "added ingredient" fit to exalt the taste of our products.

Podere Bioamiata Cinta Senese Ham from organic farm is produced only using Cinta Senese meat, garlic, pepper and sea salt. The seasoned product has a lengthened shape and balanced quality of fat benefiting from the type of breeding.The animals living free in the woods don’t deposit large quantities of the adipose masses. The intense red colour and it’s clear typical marbling results in the outstanding taste and flavour of this product. The fat has a white colour turning into light pink short after cutting and is complimented with a clear brilliance consequence of the polyunsaturated fats.

The best way to fully appreciate the taste of the Cinta Senese Prosciutto is to cut it with a knife and wait few moments in order for the slices to oxidise.

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