Fresh Rosemary
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Fresh Rosemary


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Rosemary is grown for ornamental and culinary purposes. It is harvested for its leaves, both dried and fresh and for its volatile oil. It is highly aromatic and releases aromas of pine, menthol and pepper. Those aromatics translate directly into its flavor profile, making rosemary one of the most powerful stand alone herbs in the kitchen.

Rosemary is a hearty, woody and oily herb that may be used fresh or dried. Infuse oils, sauces and syrups with whole rosemary. Pair with hearty stews, meats, fresh cheeses, breads, dried fruits, lame, game meats, poultry and root vegetables. Add whole sprigs to grills or use longer branches as skewers for shrimp and vegetables. To store, keep cool and dry until ready to use.

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