Salame Cinta Senese Organic
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Salame Cinta Senese Organic


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An organic salami made from pork meat from Cinta Senese pigs raised on the farm of the family Savigni from Pavana, in the Tuscan-Emilian Appennino. The slices are bright red in color, the grain is medium, the texture is soft, the lena part is compact and the fat extremely fondant. It taste sweet and delicate.

The Cinta Senese is an ancient pig breed from the Siena area. It risked disappearing after the Second World War when it was replaced with more productive breeds, suitable for intensive breeding. Cinta Senese owes its salvation to the passion of some breeders, including the Savigni family. These pigs need a lot of space and open air, in this way the muscles tone up and the animal gains weight slowly. Just think that a Large White pig is ready for slaughter after 6 months while for Cinta it takes at least 12 months. Cinta Senese pigs love to eat acorns, olives, chestnuts, tubers and berries, and are fed with organic supplements. Besides being of excellent quality, Cinta Senese fat is rich in Omega 3 SUGGESTIONS Great with potato bread, polenta or with Stracchino cheese

Great with potato bread, polenta or with Stracchino cheese and in combination with fresh figs and fresh Tuscan DOP pecorino.


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