The Sweet Salt of Cervia - Medium Fine

The Sweet Salt of Cervia - Medium Fine


Price per Pack 1kg

The sweet natural medium fine sea salt of the ancient Cervia salt pan is collected according to the traditional method. Sun-dried and washed only with high-salinity water, it i sneither bleached nor ground. Additive-free, it preserves its purity and the rich characteristics contained in the sea water. Its natural humidity makes it highly soluble and its sweetness perfect for food use since flavours are not altered.
The name "Popes salt" goes back to 1440 when the city of Cervia was used to send every year its sweet salt to the papal court in Rome.
Nowadays, a delegation of the salt pan goes to Rome in order to give the Pope the sweet salt of Cervia as a present. 

This natural salt is not refined, treated or artificially dried, therefore it may appear damp and lumpy.

Used in the production of Parmigiano-Reggiano and Prosciutto di Parma - the two most renowned food products of Emilia-Romagna - Sale di Cervia is the perfect salt for finishing your favorite dishes, from salads, to fresh pesto, to roasted meats!

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