San Daniele Ham POD 20 months
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San Daniele Ham POD 20 months


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The thighs, trimmed from the fat and ribs, are dressed with salt, massaged to empty the femoral vein and pressed to better blend the lean and fat part and to give the classic violin shape. After 3 months in resting cells, the ham is seasoned for a variable period depending on the weight but which is generally not less than 14 months. One of the main differences with Parma is that the San Daniele is salted with the 'zampetto' to facilitate the bleeding of any leg defects. The principle of salt usage is also different; In San Daniele it is dosed based on the weight of the ham and is completely dry. In Parma the use of salt is dry on lean parts and wet seeds on the reed. Salt used according to the method of experience is kept on the product according to specific gg of salt.

Pork meat from Pedrazzoli farms
No milk derivatives
No polyphosphates added
Gluten free

To taste at its best it is advisable to slice it very thin. It must practically melt in the mouth. In the kitchen it is used alone or in combination with sweet fresh fruit. In the wine sector, it is suggested to combine with young white wines. Interesting combinations are made with those based on Istrian Malvasia or Sauvignon.

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