Sarde In Saor (Venice Style Sardines) - 150gr Ready to Eat

Sarde In Saor (Venice Style Sardines) - 150gr Ready to Eat


An extremely simple fish recipe, which is so deep-rooted in Venetian culture and life, that it represents the Veneto region itself. First of all, saor, in Venetian dialect, means “flavour”. Sardines, onions and vinegar: these are its masterly combined ingredients, with a 2:1 ratio, i.e. 2 kilos onions for each kilo sardines. Sardines are a meagre fish and must be deep-fried, whereas the onions must be first stewed, then lightly fried and, finally, be added some vinegar and be reduced. This mixture doesn’t simply flavour the sardines, but preserves them, as well, given that they need to stand at least a couple of days, in order to be flavoured enough. There are, besides, some small and refined variations on the theme: soaked raisins and/or pine nuts can be added to the mixture of onions and vinegar, alternatively white wine can either completely or partly replace vinegar to get a more delicate, and less strong, flavour. The ingredients are therefore few and simple, but their high-quality is required for a good outcome: sardines must be ultra fresh, and onions must come from the area of Venice, since the saor is made from Chioggia’s white onions. The dish is best served cold with slices of white polenta.

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