Sicilian Long Eggplants
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Sicilian Long Eggplants



Sicilian eggplants (called also aubergine) in a long shape variant. The eggplant colors range from white to lavender to dark purplish-black as well as pale green, yellow, and reddish. There are even some striped varieties. Various eggplant varieties may be used interchangably in most recipes, unless the skin color is a specific visual factor in the dish. When cut, this vegetable quickly oxidizes and the flesh turns brown. Salt water or lemon will help to keep the flesh from turning brown.

From battered and deep fried, to stewed in ratatouille, or charred and blended into baba ghanoush, or layered in musakka or maybe even prepared as eggplant parmigiana- this versatile vegetable can be enjoyed in so many different ways. For some recipes it is recommended to salt the cut up eggplant or to place it in salty water then rinse off the salt before cooking. This will soften the vegetable and remove any bitterness.

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