Sorrento Ox Heart Tomatoes
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Sorrento Ox Heart Tomatoes


Sorrento tomato is a tomato of big size with a round shape: it is particularly costated, and when picked presents a light red colour fading into pink with green hues. It has a delicious pulp, meaty and compact with a delicate and sweet taste. According to some this variety arrived in the area through trades with America at the beginning of the century, when, exporting lemons, the tradesmen purchased the seed. This theory is confirmed by the fact that the cultivation is limited to few towns in an area called "I Colli", and it coincides with the place the ship-owners who exported lemons resided at and in which there are other plants that are endogenous to the local vegetation, almost surely imported at the same time as the tomatoes. The cultivation of this variety became common in other Vesuvian towns where the product though does not have the same organoleptic characteristics.

Sorrento tomato is used a lot on the local cuisine, especially fresh as ingredient in tasty summer salads, first of all the famous "caprese", in which it's accompanied by oil, basil and buffalo mozzarella.

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