Stracchino Gold Quality 250g

Stracchino Gold Quality 250g


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Sweet and full-body, slightly acidic with hints of milk and yogurt, made from pasteurised milk coming from Veneto. The colour is white, candid and brilliant; the texture is creamy, without eyes.

Stracchino is a term used to indicate different cheeses in some regions, such as quartirolo or crescenza. The name may be derived from the fact that these cheeses were primarily made when the animals returned from the alpine pastures and were tired (stracco) from the journey. Today, this term indicates a fresh cheese made with whole cow’s milk, with a raw curd, a soft and buttery texture and a characteristic flavor of milk, eaten fresh or after aging briefly for two weeks.

Stracchino is a delicate cheese, so when it is purchased, it should be a uniform color and pure white, without yellowish spots on the surface. Its consistency should be delicate but firm and it should have an aroma of milk. It can be eaten alone as the final touch on a meal, or it can be an ingredient in a more complicated recipe.

Italian Tradition

Stracchino cheese is quite versatile because of its delicate, fresh flavor. It can be added to a risotto for a light creaminess, it can be used in a piadina with speck and radicchio, and it can be the filling for a tart or cheesecake. Delicious finger foods can also be made with stracchino and vegetables like celery, escarole or radishes. 

How To Keep It Fresh

Stracchino will last for 2-3 days in the refrigerator if wrapped in paper or sealed in an airtight container. A light yellowish patina on the surface means that the cheese is starting to spoil.

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