Taleggio DOP
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Taleggio DOP


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Taleggio Raw Milk DOP is a very popular Italian cheese produced on the mountains of Val Taleggio.  Famous for it's pungent aroma and delicious taste, Taleggio is extremely versatile.  This particular Taleggio is called "a munta calda" because the cheesemaking process begins while the milk is still warm from the cow. Unpasteurized and extremely fresh, the cheese with which it's made is complex and nuanced. This cheese is made using only the traditional technique and boasts the DOP stamp. Taleggio, raw cow's milk cheese is aged in ancient caves where it is continually washed in order to create the bright orange rind typical of washed rind cheese. The rind is thin, soft and is naturally pink in colour with characteristic light sage-coloured mould (green-grey). The body of the cheese has a uniform and solid consistency. It is softer just under the rind and, once the ageing process is completed, it's quite crumbly in the middle.

The cheese varies from white to straw-coloured and occasionally contains tiny holes.

The flavour is sweet, slightly sour and a vaguely aromatic, sometimes with a hint of truffle. It has a characteristic aroma. Taleggio is a natural, living cheese, in fact, the ageing process continues right up to when it is eaten.

Taleggio is a typical and excellent table cheese: it can be eaten as a meal or at the end of the meal; in this case it is perfect with fruit, apples pears; it is great in pasta dishes, omlettes salads and also on pizza.

Another great dish is risotto with radicchio tardivo and taleggio.

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