Full Blood Wagyu Striploin M7+ 300gr
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Full Blood Wagyu Striploin M7+ 300gr


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Also known simply as The Strip, Kansas City Strip or Top Loin, the NY Strip Steak is one the most popular of all steak cuts. Our Wagyu New York Strip (or Wagyu Strip Loin) has a ton of that gorgeous fat marble throughout, giving it a blast of beefy flavor, without being as bold as the Wagyu Rib Eye. Though traditionally with a bit more chew than a Tenderloin, a Wagyu Strip Loin will be many times tenderer than the best cut of Prime or Choice Filet Mignon. Smooth with even marbling, without a lot of big pieces of fat, Steak and Game's Wagyu New York Strip is always from pasture-raised, hormone and antibiotic free Wagyu cattle.

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