Green Zucchini
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Green Zucchini


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Courgettes (also known as zucchini), are beautifully refreshing - the perfect summer treat. Quintessentially Italian and now available all year round, we have to admit that those ripened in the gorgeous summer sun have the edge when it comes to flavour. Whenever you eat this Italian treat, enjoy their sweet, firm flesh in a huge variety of ways, from poaching, frying, stuffing to stewing.

Courgettes are suitable for many uses in the kitchen. If small, firm with smooth skin, they are excellent raw. Julienned, they can be marinated and served as an appetizer. As a side dish you can prepare them grilled, sautéed or boiled and steamed for a more low-calorie alternative. Like their flowers, zucchini are also prepared in batter, cut into four parts for the long side, to be fried with artichokes and broccoli. They are also often used as a condiment for rice and pasta dishes, or as a filling for pies and omelettes, often along with onions.

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