Tiburón Medium

Tiburón Medium


Price per box - 6 pieces

Italesse was founded in Trieste in 1979 by Claudio Barducci following a twenty-years background of close contact with the horeca world.This valuable experience enabled Italesse to take a closer look at this complex and difficult market and they discovered the dearth of professional articles in support of sales, items which at the same time could become tools of communication and image. Today Italesse presents its clients a collection of innovative articles, which are not only perfectly functional but also enriched by a strong, modern and distinctive image; a decisive step forward, both formally and technically, in the research for articles dedicated to the beverages.

Two 620 cc and 500 cc wine glasses to taste all types of aged and mature wines in the large version and young wines in the medium version Both the wine glasses feature a deep and sharp picûre, which has been designed to see the real color of wine, while the cup enhances its mass. Additionally, the waist of the low section of the cup lets wine develop in the top section, taking oxygenation to top levels. The particularly acute angle of the cup of these wine glasses, associated with the Xtreme® glass paste, makes the stemwares very resistant.

H total mm 217.0

Capacity: 500.00cc

Maximum diameter [mm]: 91.6

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