Decanter Alvain

Decanter Alvain

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Italesse was founded in Trieste in 1979 by Claudio Barducci following a twenty-years background of close contact with the horeca world.This valuable experience enabled Italesse to take a closer look at this complex and difficult market and they discovered the dearth of professional articles in support of sales, items which at the same time could become tools of communication and image. Today Italesse presents its clients a collection of innovative articles, which are not only perfectly functional but also enriched by a strong, modern and distinctive image; a decisive step forward, both formally and technically, in the research for articles dedicated to the beverages.

A single item for aerating and cooling wines and beverages: alavin can either be placed on a coloured stand holding crushed ice, or directly on the table where it can turn on its convex base. Alvain comes in a full SET with stopper and dropdown.

H total mm 255

Ø mouth mm 79

Ø max mm 170

capacity cc. 1700

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