Giuseppe Giusti Aceto Balsamico

400 years ago

... they were times of dukes, nobles and banquets. It was 1598. Modena welcomed the opulent court of the Duchy of Este, and in doing so become a Capital. As the records of the time proclaim, even then the Giusti family was producing delicacies for the most prized dishes. However the official foundation date of the Company dates back to 1605, by Giuseppe Giusti.

14 gold medals

... the pride of pleasure, through the centuries While the Belle-Époque celebrated the pleasures of art, food and the joy of living, the Giusti Balsamic Vinegar conquered the bourgeoisie all over Europe, gaining important recognition at prestigious international fairs and exhibitions. Dozens of medals, including 14 gold, which are testimony of this great success. Centuries pass, and this scenario is repeated, from the Dukes of Modena to the King of Italy, the Giusti vinegars are always found decorating the most noble tables and in 1929, Vittoria Emanuele III appoints the title of the “Official Supplier of the Royal House of Savoia” to Giusti.

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