Menù Industria Specialità Alimentari

From the salami factory founded by Romolo Barbieri in Cavezzo (province of Modena), Italy in the 1930's to today's company run by Rodolfo Barbieri, with more than two hundred employees and the same number of representatives. 

1932 - Romolo Barbieri, Rodolfo's father, founds the salami factory that bears his name

1941 - The production of the ragù meat sauce "Tutto" begins. This first specialty food product will pave the way for all future specialty food products.

1950 - The production of bouillon cubes begins at the same time as the production of several ready-to-use specialty food products

1956 - Rodolfo Barbieri takes over the reins of the company following his father's death. He changes the company name to Robar and switches the company's focus to specialty food products

1962 - Robar begins operating in the catering field as a resultof Clorindo Grandi being hired as the business manager.

1972 - The company name is changed to Menù, and construction begins on the production facility in Medolla (province of Modena), Italy

1974 - From this point in time forward all the recipes developed for using Menù products are under the supervision of Giliana Barbieri

1992 - Menù magazine is founded

1999 - Menù obtains UNI EN ISO 9002 certification for the quality of its production process

2002 - Menù celebrates 70 years of operations and its first 40 years of success in the catering business.

2003 - La Menù riceve la certificazione UNI EN ISO 9001:2000.

2006 - Apertura di 4 show-room in Italia.

2007 - 40° anniversario del prodotto principe, la Pomodorina.

2009 - La Menù ottiene le certificazioni di sistema di gestione UNI EN ISO 22000:2005 per la Sicurezza Alimentare e la UN EN ISO 9001:2008 per la qualità

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