2 Gold Medals Balsamic Vinegar - Il Classico

2 Gold Medals Balsamic Vinegar - Il Classico


Price per bottle 0,25l

It was 1598. Modena welcomed the opulent court of the Dukes of Este, and in doing so become a Capital. As the records of the time proclaim, even then the Giusti family was producing delicacies for the most prized dishes. However the official foundation date of the Company dates back to 1605, by Giuseppe Giusti.

A “Classic” for the Giusti family. Good thickness, with delicate hints of sweet and ripe fruit joint with hints of licorice and black pepper. A simple taste confirms a delicious balance of flavors and an extreme versatility. Ingredients: Must of cooked grapes, aged wine vinegar. Ageing: In oak barrels with the addition of aged balsamic vinegar extracted from centuries old casks.

“Miglior Balsamico - Best Vinegar” Gastromania (Belgio) - “101 Things To Buy Before You Die”

Serving suggestions: Fish and white meat main meals. Seafood stews and sweet and sour sauces for choice cuts of meat. Cheeses and meat cold cuts.



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