White Vinegar di Modena 250ml

White Vinegar di Modena 250ml


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It was 1598. Modena welcomed the opulent court of the Dukes of Este, and in doing so become a Capital. As the records of the time proclaim, even then the Giusti family was producing delicacies for the most prized dishes. However the official foundation date of the Company dates back to 1605, by Giuseppe Giusti.


The White Giusti condiment is born from a soft pressing of Trebbiano grapes, from which a particularly sweet juice is obtained.

This is then combined with high quality white vinegars and aged in french oak and ash wooden barrels. This process keeps all the fruity and floral aromas of the grapes, creating a very pleasant condiment, thanks to the contrast of its low acidity and the notes of sweet, yellow fruits and dried citrus.

Fresh and balanced, it is extremely versatile and easy to use.

Ingredients: Concentrated must of Trebbiano grapes and white wine vinegar

Ageing: French oak and ash wooden barrels



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