Ambrosan Amarone Classico della Valpolicella DOC 2010


Price per bottle 0,75l

The Amarone Classico "Ambrosan" by Nicolis is an absolutely princely wine, great body and infinite elegance and vigor. Nicolis family has an unbreakable bond with the land of Valpolicella is the history of wine in this fascinating territory; is from 1951 that Nicolis represents a point of reference, is the soul of the wine of this land of famous wines that opens like a hand just north of Verona and that, like the fingers of the hand, gives us valleys unique; valleys kissed by the sun and mild climate of Lake Garda and the wind flowing down the mountains Lessinian. The Amarone Classico "Ambrosan" was born in the vineyard "Ambrosan", in San Pietro in Cariano, with a manual harvest and careful selection of grapes which are then set aside in a dry and ventilated rooms; after 4 months in the middle of winter, here are softly pressed and the juice begins a long, slow fermentation where the Amarone Classico "Ambrosan" aged in Slavonian oak barrels and barriques for 30 months. He gives us a generous and complex aroma, ranging from ripe fruit to the trees up to the scalp. A truly important and impressive for an Amarone Classico which is distinguished for its rich aroma and for its elegant feeling of power.

Awards Amarone Ambrosan vintage 2010:
Decanter: 97 Points
James Suckling: 96 Points
Wine Spectator: 92 Points
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酒廠: Nicolis
地區: Veneto
使用葡萄: 70% Corvina Veronese
20% Rondinella
10% Croatina
風格: Princely wine, full bodied, elegant and vigorous. Like the Amarone Classico, the “cru” “Ambrosan” goes well with game, spicy cheese and roast meat. Without food, it is an extraordinary “medita- tion wine”. The wine should be opened at least one hour before serving. It should be served in large balloon glasses.
釀造工藝: After the grapes are selected and harvested in the vineyard “Ambrosan”, they are placed in small cases in large, dry, well aired rooms. In this way, the grapes dry naturally and gain an extraordinary high concentration of sugars, glycerine, and aromas. After 4 months, the grapes are softly pressed. Due to the low temperature, fermentation is long and the maceration takes also more than one month.
年份: The wine makes an ageing partially in medium-sized Slavonia oak barrels and partially in small oak barriques for 30 months. Bottle ageing for at least 8 months before release.
葡萄收成期: 2010
酒精: 16.0%
酒瓶尺寸: 0.75l
顏色: The colour is an intense garnet red.
味道: Wine with a “three-dimensional” tasting progression, where the management of the alcohol content in harmony with the important structure and aromatic richness agree in a elegant power.
香氣: The favour is dry and generous, powerful and delicate. Its fragrances remind to ripe fruits, autumn leaves and leather.



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