Valdobbiadene Prosecco Extra Dry


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Prosecco Extra Dry by Col Vetoraz is a wine made with the Charmat method, ideal for the production of sparkling fruity, because with this method it is possible to respect the original character of the fruit of departure. Over the last thirty years the world of Prosecco has undergone many transformations, both from the technological point of view that from market management and protection of the image, which led to the achievement of the DOCG; but the strength of a particular territory is demonstrates by the strength of its businesses and the manner in which the latter know how to cope with change.

The company has long been a guarantee of the companies in the area of ​​Valdobbiadene, appearing as one of the most significant in the area, staking everything on the high quality of its products. All efforts seem to have paid off, thanks largely to the success of its wines. Prosecco Extra Dry wine has a persistent perlage and harmonious and elegant taste, well-suited to act as spokesman for the success of Valdobbiadene.


使用葡萄: 100% Prosecco Superiore
風格: Produced in the steep hills (Rive) in the Valdobbiadene area. Delicate fruity bouquet, elegant and well balanced to the taste: appealing.
釀造工藝: Off skins by gentle pressing. Primary fermentation: Statical decantation and temperature controlled fermentation. Refermentation in big tanks “Charmat” method.
年份: Foaming: 30-40 days. Fining: 1 - 3 months.
葡萄收成期: 2016
酒精: 11.5%
酒瓶尺寸: 0.75l
顏色: Bright straw yellow. Perlage fine and persistent, with a creamy mousse.
味道: Harmonious and delicate, sapid and slightly aromatic.
香氣: Scents of rose, citrus fruit, acacia, white peach, pear and apple.


Fantastic Prosecco

By Ugo Uberti Foppa


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