Azienda Agricola Poggiobello

When Genagricola acquired Azienda Agricola Poggiobello in 1974, its vineyards covered a small surface area of only 12 hectares. This territory is internationally recognized as one of Italy’s best for the production of white wine and its extraordinary potential proved a driving force behind the decision to invest in these vineyards. The company gradually initiated a series of lot acquisitions near the Company’s the winery. 

It then carried out significant projects aimed at improving the land’s conditions, moving on to create canals for draining rain water. Additionally, it constructed terraced vineyards and planted new vineyards, thereby becoming the largest single-plot wine-making company in the Colli Orientali del Friuli area.

The company now boasts a surface area of 110-hectares, ninety of which host cultivated vineyards. It grows ancient indigenous varieties like Ribolla Gialla, Friulano, Refosco, Verduzzo Friulano and Picolit (of which Poggiobello owns the largest portion of the Colli Orientali Consortium). Moreover, the company also grows the most known international varieties such as merlot and sauvignon , which have been cultivated in this territory for centuries.  

The next phase of the project aimed at enhancing Poggibello focused on the modernization of our cellars and the construction of a aging room that’s dug into the hillside, which currently serves as the Company’s headquarters. Today, the cellars employ modern equipment and use small tanks to keep the wines from each individual vineyard separate.

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