46º Parallelo Extra Virgin Olive Oil Organic

46º Parallelo Extra Virgin Olive Oil Organic


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In 2007, Agraria Riva del Garda began working towards organic production, beginning with the oil mill and several olive-grower partners motivated by their own ideals. Frantoio di Riva obtained organic certification in 2008 and the first olive orchards completed the conver- sion process in 2010. That same year, the first organic olive oil was produced. Organic olive cultivation is aided by the unique climate conditions that hinder the development of the main olive diseases. In addition, the orchards make widespread use of organic insect control methods, like traps for the olive fruit fly, the insect pest that olive growers fear most.

Colour: yellow with visible green highlights.

Aroma: medium fruity with appealing fresh notes reminiscent of mown grass, as well as bitter notes of rocket and green almond.

Flavour: decidedly harmonious and balanced, with clear, appealing bitter notes and more pronounced spicy notes. Leaves a lingering pleasant sensation in the mouth.

Given the similarity to mother’s milk and the added value of the organic production process, organic extra virgin olive oil is particularly suitable for: babies being weaned off breast milk, infants and children; people with nutritional problems, including the ill and the elderly; people with food intolerances and allergies; people who make organic food a part of a lifestyle that respects the environment.

It is an excellent ingredient in Mediterranean cuisine due to its ability to enhance even the most delicate foods, from raw vegetables to fish dishes, without overwhelming their flavour. The recommended daily intake is between two and three tablespoons, depending on weight and level of physical activity, to be consumed during main meals. Athletes and people following specific diets may find it necessary to adjust this amount.

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