Sardinia Mullet Cured Roe - Bottarga di Muggine
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Sardinia Mullet Cured Roe - Bottarga di Muggine


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The "Sardinian caviar" is the result of the processing of salted and dried mullet eggs with natural ventilation. Its characteristic and delicate flavor was already known and appreciated in ancient times.

How to enjoy it
Sliced with a single addition of extra virgin olive oil or accompanied by a few sprigs of rocket or thin wedges of artichoke. Grated and generously sprinkled on a plate of spaghetti al dente, seasoned with extra virgin olive oil, passed in a pan with a clove of garlic.

Tuna roe, salt, smoke, natural Mediterranean flavors. Vacuum-packed product without dyes or added preservatives.

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By warren MAK

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