Salted Mullet Role - Bottarga
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Salted Mullet Role - Bottarga


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This salted mullet role is the pride of all the Sardinian gastronomy. The mullet fishes live, feed and grow in their own natural habitat of the Cabras's ponds, a small village on the Middle-West Sardinian coast. The Cabras microclimate is perfect for such a fish. In fact the mullet's quality reflects all these characteristics. During September the mullets are caught and only those which have the bigger ovarian sacs are selected. Then the two eggs-sacs are carefully extracted, preserving them, as well as purifying and salting them for a certain period of time depending on size. Then they have to be pressed and left to dry in special ventilated rooms for maturing. Of course all maturing time has to be followed meticulously to exalt as much taste as possible of this rare product.

Everybody appreciates the Cabras salted mullet role, especially for its softness, its marked brackish taste and its dried almond flavour, which makes it different from all other salted mullet roles. The colour changes from gold to amber depending on maturing.

Pleasant thinly sliced and topped with a drizzle of good extra virgin olive oil, possibly fruity, on a crouton. Beautiful grated over spaghetti. Also great in salads of vegetables like celery and artichokes, dressed with an extra virgin olive oil and black pepper (and let marinate at least 2 hours before serving). 

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