Canestrato Lucano
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Canestrato Lucano


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This classical cheese form Basilicata region is produced higher up the mountains are brought together and ripened in the mountain valleys of the Agri River. Canestrato Lucano cheese (or ‘Incanestrato’ due to the fact that the cheese forms are put to dry in baskets -canestri in Italian) has the exclusive characteristic of being produced by adding a small amount of goat’s milk to that of the sheep, giving it a very distinctive taste. The milk used can be only sheep, according to the period of the year during which the sheep’s production is in majority. The aspect and the texture are compact, more or less intense yellow paste according to the ripening period. The taste is intense, flavourful and distinctive.

Red wines. Aromatic honey. Hot pear or quince chutney. Pasta without tomato sauces, homemade bread

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