Tufted Carrots
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Tufted Carrots


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These carrots are different than the normal farm-grown carrots. They are smaller, sweeter, more delicate, softer on the inside, and can make a great snack for young children. The tufted tops of the carrots are excellent when tossed with dressing and eaten on their own, or an addition to a composed salad.

Wash carrot roots and gently scrub them with a vegetable brush right before peeling or scraping them. You can enjoy carrots in several ways: shredded raw carrots and chopped carrot greens make great additions to salads. Combine shredded carrots, beets and apples, and eat as a salad. For a quick nutritious soup that can be served hot or cold, purée boiled carrots and potatoes in a blender or food processor, and add herbs and spices to taste. Spiced carrot sticks are a flavorful variation on an old favourite at parties or at the dinner table. Soak carrot sticks in hot water spiced with cayenne, coriander seeds and salt. Allow to cool, drain and serve.

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