Fassona Beef Carpaccio
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Fassona Beef Carpaccio


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First working in the fields, then the milking to produce typical cheeses, finally only more meat of the highest quality. In short this was the evolution of the Razza Piemontese for the last 150 years.

Today, the Piedmontese breed called “Fassone” (from the French façon which means “way”) produces a high level of meat: tender, lean and low in fat but high nutritional quality (unsaturated fatty acids, omega-3 and omega-6) and a very low cholesterol level (just think that does not exceed that found in most fish, 48-60 mg / 100g depending on the cuts).

If a common rule states that the meat is more fat, the more it is tender, this does not apply to the meat Fassone Piemontese: cuts containing less than 3% fat have been proven far more tender of the same from other breeds containing more than 7 % of fat (test Warner-Bratzler).

The Piemontese is the Italian breed for excellence, and is a native breed. This means that all bovine animals are born and raised in Italy.

The best way to eat it is raw, in dishes like carpaccio and tartare, using extra-virgin olive oil and high-quality salt. If you cook this meat the wrong way, it will be dry and chewy. You have to sear it on high heat so the protein caramelises on the exterior and it is raw inside. As soon as the outside turns brown, take it off the heat.

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