White Focaccia
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White Focaccia


Price per pack (4x120g)

PANE is the product that best symbolizes Romito’s philosophy, fruit of a thorough study of flours, doughs and leavening methods, it is the focus of a new project which, thanks to the intelligent use of the refrigeration chain, will bring Romito’s famous bread to homes, restaurants and shops all over Italy and the world.

This focaccia is made with an indirect mixture and one long natural rising.

Ideal as pizza base, to be seasoned or as focaccia-bread to accompany cold cuts and cheese.


In case the focaccia is Frozen, put it in the oven for 10’ at 180℃ without any dressing

In case the focaccia is chilled, put it into the oven for 6’ at 180℃ without any dressing

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