Minced Meat of Chianina IGP Cow Frozen
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Minced Meat of Chianina IGP Cow Frozen


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The Chianine specifically, the mares, live in a semi-wild state, graze all day and in the evening they enter in the stable to be fed with fresh or dried fodder. As far as animals for meat production are concerned, they are weaned at an age of about 4-5 months, when the color of their cloak is completely reddened by red china porcelain crumbs; they stay in the stable for a period of about 18 to 20 months, the time necessary for the complete development of the animal. Feeding animals together with the breed, are the components that make it possible to obtain a high quality final product, with distinct organoleptic and olfactory characteristics.

Succulent, nutritious meat, with a low cholesterol content of about 2%; These characteristics can be recognized by the typical dark red color of the meat and by the characteristic fat intramuscular marbling. These qualities derive from breed, nutrition and rollover (>30 days).


Perfect for ragù and meat balls.


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