Fresh Dover Sole
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Fresh Dover Sole


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Although the White Cliffs of Dover have inspired scores of poems and songs, it is the delicate Dover sole found in the waters below the cliffs that have inspired the palates of fish-gourmands worldwide. Dover sole are prolific, bottom-feeders that swim along the ocean floor and can grow to over 2 feet long. Often living as long as 58 years. Just as delicious as they are long lasting, Dover sole are among foodies’ most sought after fish.

One of the most popular — and mouthwatering — ways to prepare Dover sole is to keep it simple and make it meuniere style. That is, in the manner of the miller’s wife. There are dozens of sole meuniere recipes to choose from; no matter which recipe you choose, a few things are just about always the same:

Don’t bone the fish, as doing so will dry it out. Gently herb both sides of the fish gently; parsley is a popular choice. Finally, flour the fish generously before cooking it in oil or butter — or both — in a sauté pan or skillet.

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