Grana Padano extra 15 months
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Grana Padano extra 15 months


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In the 12th century both the Benedictine and Cistercian monks set out on a massive cleaning up and deforestation work in the Po Valley, providing a new boost to farming and the breeding of cattle for producing milk and working on the land. When more milk than necessary was produced a way had to be found to use it so it was transformed into cheese to have a product that would keep over time. With ageing it improved and became even stronger – and this is how Grana Padano was born, taking its name from the graininess of its texture.

Grana Padano D.O.P. (P.D.O. = Protected Designation of Origin) is a semi-fat hard cheese, cooked and slow to mature, made with the raw milk of cows whose basic feed is green or preserved fodder. The milk, taking from two daily milkings, is partially skimmed, taking the cream off the top.

The right balance of its properties and the unmistakable flavor full of personality, make the Grana Padano cheese irreplaceable, which combines all the features that contribute to enhance the healthy Mediterranean cuisine. Grana Padano can be consumed in many different ways: grated, in flakes or blades. Its paste has a fragrant aroma and a strong flavor, but soft, getting stronger, never hot, with long-term aging. The young Grana Padano is an excellent table cheese. The aged one, that exceeds one year and a half of aging is more compact and more suitable for grating. Great flakes as an aperitif, paired with white wines, still or sparkling, Grana Padano is also the perfect ending for any meal: in this case in conjunction with red wine, preferably aged. Grana Padano is the perfect accompaniment to raw vegetables (such as lettuce, artichokes, mushrooms, celery), a raw meat carpaccio, mashed potatoes or baked in foil, polenta with butter and, of course, the proverbial pears. Always ready for a quick snack, provides a lot of energy without adding in a completely natural and healthy.

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