Amatriciana Pork Cheek
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Amatriciana Pork Cheek


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Guanciale translates to ‘little cheeks’, but there’s nothing little about it – not in size, nor in flavor. Guanciale is a cheek though. It’s a pork cheek, cured and generously seasoned with amongst other spices, lots of black pepper. Guanciale looks a little like bacon, the consistency and taste however is much, much more delicate.


INGREDIENTS: 400gr of spaghetti, Extra virgin olive oil, ½ glass of white wine, 350gr of peeled tinned tomatoes, 75gr of grated pecorino cheese, 100gr of guanciale, 1 chilli pepper, Pepper to taste.

The first thing is to boil a pot of water for the pasta. Then cut up your bacon into small strips or cubes. Add a bit of oil to a pan, add the bacon and fry. Now you can add the chilli and cook until the fat of the bacon or guanciale becomes transparent. Then add the white wine and when it has evaporated a bit, turn off the heat. It's time to add the wine. Now I'll leave it to evaporate and after strain and remove the bacon from the pan leaving the fat and wine behind. I've removed the bacon from the pan and now I'll cover it to keep it hot, and after that it's time to add the diced tomatoes to the liquid in the pan. The tomatoes should cook for about 10 minutes which is just enough time to cook our spaghetti.The pasta is almost done. Now add the bacon back to the sauce, add half of the pecorino cheese, and then, we're ready to add the pasta. Mix the pasta and sauce together in the pan, add salt to taste if necessary and then your spaghetti Amatriciana is ready to be served.

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