Cantaloupe Melon
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Cantaloupe Melon


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The Cantaloupe originated in India and Africa. But they were named after the commune Cantalupo near Tivoli (Italy), where the Pope used to spend his summers. The Cantaloupe was first cultivated at the start of the 18th Century from seeds that were bought from Armenia, part of the believed homeland of melons. Cantaloupe melons are the sweetest melons in our range. They’re somewhat oblong and lightly-ribbed. Green on the outside, yellow-orange on the inside. The sugary and fragrant flesh makes this fruit popular both as a dessert or main course.

Parma Ham with Pepper Melon salad: drip the mozzarella buttermilk, cut a little 'cubes and a little' slices. Cut the melon pulp into small pieces and transfer to a bowl. Add the strawberries washed and cut into small pieces, mozzarella, a sprinkling of basil leaves, a pinch of pepper, salt, a little oil and stir gently. Abbrustolisci the bread in a preheated oven condiscilo immediately with a drizzle of olive oil, distribute the slices of ham on toasted bread, the salad with strawberries and serve immediately, until the bread is still warm.

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