Half Salame Finocchiona
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Half Salame Finocchiona


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Finocchiona is a typical salami of Tuscany, a native of the provinces of Siena and Florence, which is prepared by grinding fat and lean parts of the pig and then flavored with fennel seeds, from which its name finocchiona. Finocchiona is a "smart" sausage, as it was born in the Middle Ages, by the combination of pork and fennel, not only because the fennel seeds at the time were less expensive than black pepper or other spices that were supposed to arrive from 'East, but also because the flavor of fennel is so intense that you can cover any imperfections of the pork. The practice of using the fennel seeds was widespread at the time to make good and smelling even a food or a wine unpalatable stale or rancid, so that in time the word "infinocchiare" has come to mean to disguise, deceive someone into believing something different from reality.

Finocchiona is great to eat alone, with bread, but also accompanied by raw beans, salads and raw artichokes. It is used to flavor various preparations and to stuff meats and vegetables.

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