Mortadella Bologna IGP
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Mortadella Bologna IGP


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The name Levoni conjures up a tradition where mouthwatering aromas uniquely combine with distinctive flavours to create truly exceptional Salumi. Levoni Salumi, prime quality deli meats, are indeed "Quelli Buoni", that is, "The Good Ones". Because right from the creation of their very first salami, the Levoni family has refused to compromise on quality.

Mortadella is one of the most popular and ancient deli meats of Italy's gastronomic tradition. It is a cooked sausage made from pure pork and diced white pork jowl. Etymologically, the name is probably tracing back to "Mortarium", the instrument used by the Romans to pound meat or to "Myrtatum", which was meat preserved in casings and dressed with myrtle berries. This Mortadella has a tender texture and a more aromatic and appetizing taste. It does not contain gluten, lactose or added polyphosphates.

Once sliced??, preferably in thin slices, can be eaten with bread, preferably hot, or with crackers. Diced, is perfect as a snack, as an aperitif, as a sauce for pasta and pies, as an ingredient to enrich salads. A great combination is the one with the cheese, in which each component enhances the flavor of the other, as cake with Mortadella Bologna and cheese or fagottini (Bundles) of Mortadella Bologna.

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