Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Il Sincero 0.5 lt

Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Il Sincero 0.5 lt


Price per bottle 500ml

“Il Sincero” is an oil produced exclusively from the Moraiolo olive grown in the S. Eraclio di Foligno area of Umbria and is the oldest and primary variety of olive grown on the stony hillside of Viola estate. The fruit is harvested by hand in October at the beginning stage of ripeness, producing an extra virgin olive oil with a unique, intense flavor typical of this variety. Rich and elegant with strong persistent herbaceous notes and an intense fruitiness. Also detectable are strong undertones of fresh unripe olives and almonds as well as artichoke leaves with a nice lingering bitter and pungent finishing aftertaste, which is typical of Moraiolo olive variety endemic to Umbria and Tuscany. High in polyphenols, a natural antioxidant.

Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the World 2015 - Flos Olei

Enhances most typical Tuscan soups (such as creams of spelt, beans and barley), spelt risottos, and pastas with beans. Highly enjoyable on bruschetta made with warm grilled bread. Excellent as a topping on grilled beef, like T-bone or tenderloin steaks, carpaccio-style beef, grilled pork, and wild game. Pairs very well with vegetables such as grilled mushrooms and sweet peppers, any eggplant dish, classic mozzarella and tomato salad, soft white cheeses like ricotta and slightly-mature goat cheese, and most fresh vegetables.

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