Parmigiano Reggiano only with Bruna Cow's milk
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Parmigiano Reggiano only with Bruna Cow's milk


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Sweeter and more aromatic. This precious Parmigiano Reggiano comes from the ‘white gold’ of the Italian “Bruna Alpina” breed a superior quality milk. the “Bruna Alpina” cow has been living in Italy for 150 years, above all in the highest pasturelands where fields are impracticable. It is a docile animal with brown coat and a sweet and intense look. The uniqueness of its milk derives from its high protein content, particularly casein which is dramatically important to achieve the extraordinary quality standard of our Parmigiano Reggiano DOP Disolabruna® which is sweeter and more aromatic than a normal Parmigiano Reggiano as proved by authoritative studies carried out in several italian universities. It is guaranteed from the association of Italian farmers ‘Italialleva’, who assures the origin of product through the transparent traceability of the whole production chain. It is a guarantee which cannot be purchased, it is obtained thanks to hard work and seriousness that customers recognize in this great value product.

Great for a drink, it can be eaten alone as a snack, accompanied simply with bread or served with an aperitif, with a good glass of wine, jams, pickles or fresh fruit (grapes, figs, melon). It can be used to enrich the dishes: cheese or chips adds flavor and aroma to pasta, risotto, soups, but also outlines, vegetables and fresh salads.

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