Hanging Cherry tomatoes Vesuvio DOP sauced

Hanging Cherry tomatoes Vesuvio DOP sauced


Price per jar 520g

The Vesuvius DOP Tomato Piennolo is one of the oldest and most typical of agriculture bell, much to even be represented in the traditional Neapolitan nativity scene.The special features of this product are the high consistency of the peel, the strength of the stalk hanging and the high concentration of sugars that make it a long product shelf life during which none of its organoleptic qualities suffer ill effects. Characteristics linked to the typical soil and climate factors of the geographical area in which the tomato is grown.

In this environment, the quality of the tomato reaches peaks of excellence, its richness in organic acids determines the taste vivacity or "acidulità", which is the distinctive character of the Vesuvius tomato.

The Tomato for its quality of Vesuvius PDO Piennolo is a key ingredient of Neapolitan and Campania in general, and has a great versatility in the kitchen.
The typical area of ​​production and storage of tomato, coincides with the full extent of the volcanic complex of Somma-Vesuvius, including its slopes until almost at sea level.

The production area and air-conditioning is provided by the specification that governs the production of Piennolo Tomato of Vesuvius PDO.
Whole tomato crop is processed the same day.
Gluten-free product.

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