San Marzano tomato
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San Marzano tomato


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The tomato, originally from Central America, arrived in Europe during the 16th century. At the time, the plant had primarily an ornamental value. It slowly spread across Europe thanks to the Bourbon Courts that were close with the Spanish royal family. According to a couple of sources, tomatoes were not considered food until the 18th century. Tomatoes arrived in the Kingdom of Naples around 1770 and the plant thrived in the fertile soil of near San Marzano. The tomato we know today is the result of a series of selection processes. The area of production of San Marzano tomatoes is located in the Campania region and more specifically in communes in the provinces of Naples, Salerno and Avellino. Tomatoes can only be grown in areas with good irrigation.

This variety is known for its long shape, red color, thin and easily peelable skin, solid pulp, few seed and bittersweet flavor. San Marzano is considered the king of tomatoes according to many of its distinctive characteristics.

They are the best type of tomato for preserving in jars or boxes to be used in sauces and on pizza. They can also be used in all of the usual ways; raw, in dishes like bruschetta, in pastas and salads.

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