San Daniele Ham Boneless
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San Daniele Ham Boneless


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The name Levoni conjures up a tradition where mouthwatering aromas uniquely combine with distinctive flavours to create truly exceptional Salumi. Levoni Salumi, prime quality deli meats, are indeed "Quelli Buoni", that is, "The Good Ones". Because right from the creation of their very first salami, the Levoni family has refused to compromise on quality.

Traditionally linked to the Friuli region where in ancient times Celts were the pioneers in preserving pork meat with salt. It is characterized by the presence of the hoof. All the prosciuttos bearing the San Daniele mark are matured in the Levoni plant in San Daniele del Friuli and comply with the strict standards of the production regulation. Pork legs come exclusively from heavy pigs weighing at least 160 kg, bred in northern and central Italy. It does not contain gluten or lactose. Skinned bone-out pressed prosciutto, ready for being sliced.


INGREDIENTS: 12 slices of Prosciutto di San Daniele, 4 artichokes, 1 head of fennel, 2 oranges, salt, pepper, extra virgin olive oil. Clean the artichokes, removing the stems and almost all of the leaves (which can be used for other recipes). Cut them in half to remove the choke. Slice the artichoke bases finely lengthwise, and place them in cold water acidulated with the juice of half a lemon until ready to use. Drain and dry the artichokes. Divide them equally between the slices of ham and roll these up to form cannoli. Wash the fennel, remove the outside leaf and slice finely, using a mandolin slicer. Peel the oranges “to the quick”, so that you get segments without any white skin. Season the fennel lightly with salt, pepper and extra virgin olive oil. Arrange the fennel salad in the centre of the plate. Continue by arranging the segments of orange in a radial pattern. Finish by arranging the rolls, putting them one on top of another on the fennel salad. Recommended wine: Friulano.

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