Hard Sheep Ricotta
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Hard Sheep Ricotta


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Sheep milk ricotta cheese is a completely natural, wholesome product obtained by recooking sheep whey, a byproduct of cheese manufacturing, and blending it with sheep milk. The whole prodution process is monitored by our artisans, who closely follow every step, to dry salting and aging, the latter lasting about 10 days.

This superb delicacy is produced by Il Parco delle Bontà, an artisan company that has received a number of local, national and international awards. 

A holeless cheese with white paste and crust, this product is available in a 200 g cone shaped vacuum sealed packet. With a solid, semihard texture, this ricotta is defined by its unmistakable aroma and strong, salty flavor. Unopened, in its vacuum sealed packet, this product can last in the fridge for about 9 months.

Pair Hard ricotta with white wines and taste it with green tomato chutney, olives in brine. Try pasta without tomato sauce and dressed with grated cheese, shredded over fresh, spring vegetables. Or make traditional Sicilian pasta alla Norma.

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