Spaghetti Gluten Free Organic

Spaghetti Gluten Free Organic


Price per Pack 400g

The new organic pasta, made of a mixture of 3 selected flours of Organic Agriculture, is balanced, tasty and nutritious. The perfect combination of maize, rice and buckwheat flour ensure to hold up to cooking, a winning flavor and a high nutritional profile.

INGREDIENTS: Maize flour* (60%), rice flour* (35%), buckwheat flour* (5%). May contain traces of lupine and soy.

*From organic farming.


INGREDIENTS: Spaghetti (70g per person), date tomatoes, zucchini, mozzarella, extra virgin olive oil, basil, salt.

Grill the zucchini previously cut into slices. In a bowl chop the tomatoes and mozzarella, add the zucchini and in the meantime cook the pasta. Once drained, stop the cooking quickly passing the colander under running cold water. Add the pasta to the mixture in the prepared bowl, add olive oil and mix, garnish with fresh basil leaves. This dish can be prepared in advance and enjoyed later during a picnic.

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