Iberico Ham de Bellota min. 36 months
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Iberico Ham de Bellota min. 36 months


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A unique product which pleases the most demanding palates. It is specially selected given its excellent quality. It is 100% Iberian ham from free-range pigs reared in our best parklands, with montanera pastures and acorns. Hams are cured in our own secaderos (drying rooms) according to our own traditional artisan-based methods.

Captivating flavour of unmatched intensity

To enjoy a Blázquez ham, first it should be appropriately cut.

1.- Fit the ham tightly in the clamp (jamonero). This device is made to facilitate the cutting and firmly secure the ham.

2. Skinning. During this phase, remove any fat from ham and all the hard skin built up during the drying and curing process. The first cut is perpendicular to the foot. Then, make two tangential cuts on both sides. If the ham is to be consumed over a short period of time, all of it should be skinned.

3. If the product will be eaten quickly, place the “maza”(main part) upwards which is juicier and more infiltrated. For slower consumption, it is recommended to start with the stifle area, so that the meat will not end up being too dry

4.- To make the cut, use a special ham-cutting knife with a long, narrow, flexible blade. For skinning another type of knife is used, this time with a short stiff blade.

5.- Cuts should always be parallel to each other and leave a flat surface, no cavities or bands.

6.- The slices should be wafer thin, almost transparent. They must follow the width of the meat and should not be longer than 6 or 7 centimetres. When the main part is cut, slices from the central area should be mixed with those of the upper foreleg. As for the arrangement of the slices on the plate, only one layer should be set out, and if any only slight overlapping between them.

7.- Finally, trim down to the bone which can now be cut up into small to irregular pieces for stews or for making a rich flavoured stock, with excellent results.

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