Roma Porchetta on Skewer from Ariccia
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Roma Porchetta on Skewer from Ariccia


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Porchetta from Ariccia PGI is one of the most famous local products from Lazio. It is prepared exclusively with female pigs, that are dressed inside (after being deboned) with herbs, in particular a mixture of rosemary, garlic, salt and pepper. The spices and baking in the right time and temperature, are the secrets for a unique product that is created as the Porchetta, which must be soft meat and crunchy in the crust. The ideal consumption of Porchetta di Ariccia IGP is between two slices of homemade bread, the bread of Genzano is the ideal. Porchetta is ideal also as an appetizer or a main dish and is considered a delicacy. The taste and convenience in consuming it in sandwiches. IGP Porchetta di Ariccia has become a typical product celebrated all over the world, both in the typical fraschette, both from kiosks or by peddlers also at fairs, markets, concerts, sporting events.

La Porchetta, as taught by the convivial traditions of the Castelli Romani, is best enjoyed between two slices of bread, the one prepared with natural yeast, to enhance the fragrance. So is served, for example, in the historic Porchetta Festival which takes place every year in Ariccia, in early September. Cold or hot, the Roman Porchetta is a typical street food, cooked on the spot and offered by street vendors or shops in the city center. A meal that gives joy and happiness, especially if accompanied by red wine.

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