White Tuna Filet in Olive oil

White Tuna Filet in Olive oil

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The White Tuna (Albacore) or "Thunnus Alalunga" is captured, one by one, in the Gulf of Biscay and in the best moment of the season respecting the traditional fishing tackle. Because its aroma, its refined taste, its smooth white meat and its properties, White Tuna (Albacore) composes the elitist range of the tuna fish.

Once we have selected the best fishes, we cooked them and, following a meticulous and handmade process, the White Tuna (Albacore) is prepared and packaged. The skill and experience acquired over five generations is the key of the exceptional taste and appearance of our preserves.

The glass jar is elaborated using White Tuna (Albacore) loins. Once the loins are carefully cleaned, one by one, are introduced manually in the glass jar. Then the White Tuna (Albacore) loins are covered with specially selected olive oil. This olive oil, with its intense flavour, adds a unique and exclusive aroma and taste to the White Tuna (Albacore) which reminds to the flavour of the sea and the sun dried fields.


INGREDIENTS: 3 Boiled Eggs, Balsamic Vinegar (according to your taste), 1 Carrot, 1 Stalk of Celery, 1 Onion, 6 Anchovy filets, 2 Garlic Cloves, Pepper, 1/2L of White Wine, 1 Spring Rosemary, 5 Laurel Leaves, Water or Broth, 600g of Rump of Veal, 15 Capers, 100g of Drained Tuna in Olive Oil, 4 Cloves, and 40g of Olive Oil.

PREPARATION: Put your piece of meat into a tall and narrow pot... and add the peeled onion, the celery, the carrot, the bay leaves, the garlic, the rosemary, the pepper, the cloves and the salt. Once you've put all these spices and ingredients inside, add the wine... and enough water or broth to cover everything. Then bring it to a boil, and let it simmer on a very low flame for about 1 hour and a half. 90 min. -- low heat. Once the meat is ready, let it cool down with its cooking sauce, after that you can keep it aside and strain the sauce through a very fine strainer. Now we'll prepare the sauce to spoon onto the veal slices, so pour into a bowl the tuna, the 3 eggs, which you've previously hard boiled and minced, half of the capers and the minced anchovies, then whizz up everything with an immersion blender alternating with the cooking sauce and some oil, until you get a creamy and quite thick sauce. As you can see our smooth and creamy sauce is ready. All we have to do now is cut the meat into thin slices, about one tenth of an inch wide, then we'll garnish our slices of meat with the sauce... and some capers. Now our cold veal with tuna sauce is ready!

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